Раздел 6 - Урок 1

Английский язык 5 класс - Все домашние работы к учебнику и рабочей тетради М. З. Биболетовой

Раздел 6 - Урок 1

124. Прочитайте диалог и скажите, что ученики делают во время дня самоуправления.

They are completely independent all day long. The students from Grades 10 and 11 are the teachers of the younger classes.

125. Прочитайте слова в таблице. Соедините слова с противоположными значениями.

Responsible — irresponsible, creative — dull, sociable — unsociable, kind — angry, friendly — unfriendly, healthy — ill, strong — weak.

127. Прочитайте слова и фразы. Затем скажите:

a) Что делают учителя.

Answer silly questions, teach different subjects, explain dull grammar rules, give instructions, be very polite.

b) Что делают ученики.

Give nicknames to their friends, read detective stories during the lesson, draw funny pictures on the blackboard, listen to music during the lesson, enjoy learning English, learn poems by heart, have holidays many times a year, miss the lessons, wear jeans, play jokes, talk loudly during the break, do homework every day, get bad marks, good marks.

128. Закончите предложения и составьте свои собственные. Используйте слова из упр. № 125.

Last year I had a teacher whom I liked very much. I liked him/her because he/she was very kind and creative.

Mike doesn’t like John because he is unfriendly.

Marry doesn’t go to school because she is ill.

My brother doesn’t go for a walk alone, because he is weak.

131. Приведите аргументы “за” и “против” относительно следующих доводов.

1. For: Students should study much. Students should have good meal. Students should do homework at school. Students should spend much time with classmates. Students should visit different clubs at school.

Against: Students should have rest at home. Students should spend much time with sisters and brothers. Students must feed pets.

2. For: Students must have rest on Sundays. Students should spend much time with relatives. Students should go for a walk on Sundays.

Against: Students must study every day.