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Английский язык 5 класс - Все домашние работы к учебнику и рабочей тетради М. З. Биболетовой

Раздел 1 - Урок 4 - WORKBOOK

3. Разгадайте кроссворд. Выясните, что делает вашу жизнь проще.

1. Hobby, 2. Group, 3. Christmas, 4. School, 5. Student, 6. Parents. HUMOR

4. Дополните вопросы и ответьте на них.

1. Don’t you, Yes, I do. 2. Can’t you, No, I can’t. 3. Do you, No, I don’t. 4. Didn’t you, Yes, I did. 5. Are they, No, they aren’t. 6. Were you, No, I wasn’t. 7. Wouldn’t they, Yes, they would.

5. Поставьте глаголы в правильную форму.

1. Gave, 2. Speaks, 3. Will spend, 4. Stayed, 5. Arrange.

6. Вставьте слова.

Play, speak, taught, exchange, an interview, stay.

7. Переведите с русского на английский.

1. Can I change rubles into pounds here?

2. I can’t see anything. Can we change places?

3. Change your clothes, please. We are going to the theatre in 20 minutes.

4. Let’s play chess for a change.

5. I would like to change my plans for today.

6. Here is your change. Thanks.

8. Прочитайте слова. Запишите их.

Curious, naughty, serious, understanding, humor, polite, wise, living, friendly.

9. Вставьте пропущенные буквы.

Athletic, talkative, obedience, intelligent, tactful, hospitable, curious, serious, pleasant, noisy.

10. Напишите антонимы.

Unlucky — lucky, Unpleasant — pleasant, Stupid — smart, Naughty — obedient, Fast — slow, Kind — cruel, Sad — happy.

11. Выберите правильный предлог.

1. On, 2. Into, 3. With, 4. Of, 5. For, 6. By.

12. Опишите двух членов своей семьи.

I think my father is very brave, kind, sociable and friendly. He has a lot of friends all over the world. There are a lot of guests in our house.

I think my brother is very polite, smart and obedient. He always cleans his room, washes the dishes, helps parents.

13. Разгадайте сканворд. Найдите животных и обведите их.

Shark, dolphin, donkey, duck, parrot, whale, puppy, horse, cat, camel, dog, crocodile, monkey.

14. Найдите прилагательные и переведите их на русский.

1. quite — тихий, 2. cute — милый, 3. independent — независимый, 4. loving — любящий, 5. obedient — послушный.

15. Заполните таблицу.






16. Посмотрите на картинки. Опишите животных и птиц.

A cat is a domestic animal. It is kind and lazy. A crocodile is a wild animal. It is strong and unfriendly. A dog is a domestic animal. It is smart and brave. A parrot is a domestic bird. It is friendly and noisy. A lion is a wild animal. It is strong and smart. A rabbit is a domestic animal. It is quiet and peaceful. A monkey is a wild animal. It is noisy and funny. A pig is a domestic animal. It is lazy and funny. A dolphin is a wild animal. It is smart and friendly.

17. Переведите с русского на английский.

1. Do you have a pet?

2. My puppy is smart but noisy.

3. Your sister’s kitten is very funny, isn’t it? What is its name?

4. Does your parrot say anything? — Yes, only a few words. I can’t understand it.

5. Look at this funny monkey. It is very curious.

6. You know, my dog gets on well with my granny’s cat.

18. Напишите о своем домашнем питомце.

I have got a grey cat called Tom. It is fat, lazy and friendly. It is very smart and it likes to watch TV, especially cartoons. He eats and sleeps a lot. I like to play hide-and-seek with him.