Раздел 7 - Урок 3 - WORKBOOK

Английский язык 5 класс - Все домашние работы к учебнику и рабочей тетради М. З. Биболетовой

Раздел 7 - Урок 3 - WORKBOOK

49. Соедините слова no парам.

Well-known — famous, Author — writer, Real — true, To make — to do, Novel — story, Everyone — everybody, To like — to admire, Century — one hundred years.

50. Прочитайте слова. Запишите их.

Writer, poet, scientist, famous, character, adventure, information, novel, story.

51. Прочитайте предложенный текст о Робинзоне Крузо (упр. № 144, с. 128 учебника), запишите вопросы.

1. Was D. Defoe an American writer? 2. Where did Robinson live? 3. Had Robinson got a friend? 4. What did Robinson learn to do? 5. Why the story is interesting?

52. Разгадайте кроссворд. Составьте слово из обведенных букв.

1. shAkespEare. 2. 1ENNON, 3. agatha, 4. doyle, 5. Darvin, 6. Tolkien, 7. defoe.

53. Переведите с русского на английский.

1. Arthur Conan Doyle is the famous English writer. He wrote four novels and fifty-six stories about Sherlock Holmes and his friends.

2. Novel about Robinson was very popular.

3. What book have you read recently? — About Harry Potter.

4. Do you like reading? What is your favourite book? — Yes? I like reading but I don’t have favourite book. I like reading books about adventures.

5. My mother read fairy tales for me when I was little.