Раздел 3 - Урок 3 - WORKBOOK

Английский язык 5 класс - Все домашние работы к учебнику и рабочей тетради М. З. Биболетовой

Раздел 3 - Урок 3 - WORKBOOK

17. Прочитайте слова и запишите их.

Tourist, monument, tower, square, fortress, column, theatre, ancient, sight, royal.

19. Дополните текст.

Tourists, enjoy, cathedrals, everyone.

20. Дополните диалог.

— Have you ever been to Big Ben?

— No, not yet.

— It’s a symbol of London. It’s worth seeing.

— Can you show it to me?

— Let’s arrange the day and the time, then.

— Tomorrow, 10 a. m. is OK?

— OK. Bye, then.

— Bye, thanks.

21. В. Напишите вопросы о путешествии Андрея.

1. Where did he go?

2. How much time did he spend there?

3. Did he like the country?

4. What did he see there?

5. Did he take a lot of photos?

6. What did he buy?

7. Did he enjoy traditional meals?

8. Where is he going to go next summer?

9. Has he been to China?

22. Дополните предложения.

1. Dancer, 2. Runner, 3. Musician, 4. Artist, 5. Scientist.

23. Прочитайте предложения. Соедините их с картинками ниже.

1. It is in the centre of St. Petersburg. It is famous for its collections of paintings, graphic works and sculptures. 2. You can visit the house where he lived, walk in the park and even try his favorite dishes. 3. There are lots of interesting exhibitions: Lomonosov’s laboratory, the first radio in the world and much more. You can see a collection of old Russian cars.

24. Напишите о музее, который вы когда-либо посещали.

I have been to Louvre. I went there when I was in France with my parents. It is a very big museum. One needs a lot of time to see all the exhibitions situated there. I enjoyed this great time. I was impressed with Mona Lisa most of all.